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Contract Renewed Through: 2017

2017 Terms & Conditions

By clicking the “Agree with 2017 Contract” checkbox, I understand that I am entering in to a contract with Nestle Purina PetCare Company and I agree that my Rescue Organization will meet the following Pro Plan® Rally to Rescue® Ambassador Program (the “Program”) Requirements during 2016 (the “Requirements”):

  • Submit a copy of the current 501(c)3 determination letter provided by IRS as proof of nonprofit status.
  • Adopt 25-600 animals annually.
  • Provide a Pro Plan Rally to Rescue Adoption Kit (digital or printed) to each new adopting family.
  • Primarily feed Pro Plan brand pet food to our rescue animals.
  • Not promote another brand of pet food for the term of this contract, including but not limited to: The use of branded merchandise at events, promotion of another brand of pet food or such a brand as a ‘sponsor’ or other type of benefactor on Rescue Organization’s website, request for another brand of pet food on Rescue Organization’s website or social media or distribution of food samples provided by another manufacturer. Such activities will constitute a competitive agreement with another pet food manufacturer and are grounds for termination of this contract. 
  • Participate in at least four (4) adoption events during the 2017 calendar year, agree to adhere to the Event Guidelines described below, and then report on the events via the Ambassador Portal (the “Portal”). 
  • At all times, be in full compliance with all applicable Federal, State and local laws, regulations and directives of any nature relating to the housing, handling, transporting, nutrition, sanitation and humane treatment of any and all animals owned or otherwise held and/or cared for by my Rescue Organization.


Digital/Social Media Requirements

  • Report monthly adoption statistics through the Portal within two (2) months of the date(s) in which adoption(s) occurred.
  • Promote adoption events through social media and then recap the events via the Portal.
  • Maintain a Facebook page for our Rescue Organization with a current link to the Pro Plan Rally to Rescue Facebook page (www.facebook.com/rallytorescue) and the Pro Plan brand Facebook pages (www.facebook.com/ProPlan) and (www.facebook.com/proplancat). 
  • "Like” the Pro Plan Rally to Rescue Facebook page (www.facebook.com/rallytorescue) and the Pro Plan brand Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ProPlan).
  • Maintain links on our Rescue Organization website (if applicable) to the Pro Plan Rally to Rescue Facebook page (www.facebook.com/rallytorescue) and the Pro Plan Rally to Rescue website (www.proplan.com/rallytorescue). 
  • Join the Private Pro Plan Rally to Rescue Ambassador Group Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/ProPlanR2R/). This page will be a source of important communications and a way to connect, learn, and share with other rescue organizations within the group. 
  • Earn a minimum of 600 Rally Points (the “Points”) each quarter through engagement in the Portal.


As consideration for the above, Purina will provide Rescue Organization with Program materials i.e. t-shirts, adoption kits (digital and printed), product selection guides, mini info cards, and a spring food donation (the “Program Materials”) in amounts to be determined by Purina in its sole discretion.


Event Guidelines

As an ambassador of the Program, our Rescue Group is the face of Purina Pro Plan in our community. As such, Rescue Group must follow the guidelines outlined below.

  • All head volunteers should wear a Pro Plan Rally to Rescue t-shirt to identify them as a rescue volunteer at brand sponsored events. When attending other events, in which Rally to Rescue is being represented, volunteers should wear either a Rally to Rescue t-shirt, or a t-shirt branded with your rescue groups’ information.
  • All volunteers must be neat and presentable.
  • When participating in a Program sponsored event, please be responsible. Be prompt, and plan to stay for the duration of the event. If you cannot attend the event, please cancel as soon as possible, so your space can be filled. If there is an emergency on the day of the event, please contact the on-site coordinator. Your commitment to attend means we are reserving space for your group, and counting on you to participate, unless we hear otherwise. 
  • All events associated with the Program are non-smoking. All volunteers must refrain from smoking at events, to protect the health of both human and animal participants. Alcohol and illegal drug use is also prohibited.
  • All volunteers must treat all event attendees with respect, without regard to age, race, religion or culture. 
  • Volunteers will not use competitor materials at Program events. This includes signage, wearables (i.e. t-shirts, hats), samples, printed materials, etc. 
  • Program Materials should be utilized at all events whenever possible.

Property Rights

Our Rescue Organization hereby grants, assigns, and transfers to Purina all rights of every nature relating to the reproduction and use of any photographs, negatives, film/videotape and/or reproductions of such property or pets submitted as evidence of compliance with the Program Requirements, and hereby waive any rights that we may have with respect thereto pursuant to any statute or law.


Meeting the Requirements ensures that our Rescue Organization is eligible to receive fall food donation as well as consideration for any additional donations (i.e. food, Program Materials etc.) if and when such donations may become available. If our Rescue Organization has not met the Requirements as outlined above we will not receive additional donations. In addition, it is up to the discretion of Purina as to whether any rescue organization who has not met the 2017 Requirements will be eligible to participate in future Programs, including the Rally to Rescue 2018 Ambassador Program.


All parties understand and agree that the term of this contract shall be January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017.

Purina may terminate this contract at any time if determines, in its sole discretion, that our Rescue Organization is unable or unwilling to fulfill any of the above outlined Requirements and any accrued Points shall be forfeited immediately. Should our Rescue Organization commit any act, in the sole discretion of Purina, which brings us or Purina into public disrepute, contempt, or ridicule, then Purina shall have the right to terminate this Agreement at once without any further obligation and all Points accrued to date shall be forfeited immediately. Notice of termination of this contract will be sent to our Rescue Organization via certified mail. Upon receipt of said notice, Rescue Organization must immediately cease using all Program Materials. Purina reserves the right to request all Program Materials be returned.

If our Rescue Organization has not met the Requirements under the Contract, we will not be eligible to participate in the Program the next year. Any accrued Points must be redeemed by 12/31 of the current contract calendar year or will be forfeited. We understand that Points have no cash value and cannot be transferred to other Ambassadors.

If our Rescue Organization determines that we are no longer able or willing to participate in the Program, we must notify Purina in writing of our intent to terminate this contract.

Purina reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate the Program at any time, with or without reason. If Purina terminates the Program, Purina shall have no obligation to offer a replacement Program. Any Points redeemed for rewards on the Portal prior to termination of the Program, will be honored and granted, however rescue organizations will not have the opportunity or right to earn or accrue additional Points. All unredeemed Points shall be forfeited without remuneration or any further obligation or liability, and no Points shall be honored thereafter. 

Purina reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate (effective immediately) Rescue Group’s Portal account if it appears the account is being misused. Such termination may include, in the sole discretion of Purina, forfeiture of any and all accrued Points. Purina may also take any appropriate legal or administrative action, including, without limitation, prosecution, if any misuse occurs.

This Pro Plan Rally to Rescue Ambassador Program 2017 Contract (the “Contract”) and any disputes arising out of or related to Contract or the Program shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with, the laws of the State of Missouri, without regard to its conflict of laws rules.